Utility bills are required to be paid on time but in case any of your clients have not paid them then you must inform them about the same by writing a formal letter to them.
If you feel that you are being charged a higher interest rate from your credit card company then you can always write an interest rate change letter to put forward your request.
When any company intends to carry out the business operations then it should have a registered place that is either leased or is owned.
Whenever an employer decides to shut down the business then the same needs to be communicated in a formal manner to all the employees as they are part of the company and they deserve to know it.
If you are already employed and planning to take up another job then you can always write a letter to your employer about the same.
If you are in need of writing a letter of undertaking for payment for using services but donít know how to go about writing one then in this post,
If you wish to express your views about rising fuel prices in the newspaper then you have to write a letter about the same to the editor.
There are times when you donít want to avail some services and in such a scenario, if you have made any advance payments, you ask for the refunds of the same.
If you are entitled for pension then you can always write a letter to the concerned bank a letter of undertaking.
Many a times it so happens that our online transactions fail because of various reasons or we have returned certain goods for which we are entitled for a refund or debit note