It is important to make sure that one should comply with the county guidelines so that there is nothing important missing from the rules and regulations that have been set by the government.
The purpose of a persuasive letter is to persuade the receiver of the letter a certain idea or request. If you want the department to lift the ban posed on the anti-government films then you can always write one such letter in order to formally persuade them.
Anyone can make errors and it is just fine. If you also come across an error in taxation because of wrong number of dependents listed then you can always write an error letter to the department pointing out the mistake that has been committed and request them to correct the same.
If there is a government employee who has done a good job then it is recommended to appreciate him for his work by writing a letter commending work of government employee.
The purpose of writing a disagreement letter is to express your disagreement to someone in a formal manner i.e. by writing a letter.
If you have a disagreement about a reconstruction of road then you can always write a letter to the concerned department about it.
If you have received a notice from the taxation department about the taxes levied on your former business which you feel is correct then you can always write a letter to the department informing about the same.
If there is a stadium in your locality or city which is going to be demolished and you are against this decision then you can always write a persuasion letter to sop demolition of stadium to the concerned authorities by stating your reasons for stopping the demolition.
If there is any kind of error in your credit card bill then you can always write a letter to the bank requesting them to make the required corrections in the bill.
If the rock climbers have trespassed your property then you have all the authority to write a complaint letter to them and in case you have done that in the past then you can always write a final and last complaint letter.