If you are expecting a new credit card to get delivered by the wait has been too long or you are too excited to receive it then it is always a good idea to write a letter of inquiry about the delivery of new credit card to the concerned bank or relationship manager.
The sales letter to past client is written with an intention to stay in touch with the past clients and also for cracking a new order or deal with them.
If you wish to settle your loan with the bank then you can always write a Bank Requesting for Loan Settlement NOC Letter.
If the custom department has confiscated or held your shipment for whatever reasons, you can always write a Letter to Customs Officer to Release Goods/Cargo to formally submit your request.
Whenever you apply for GST, you need to submit information about the authorized signatory. If it is a proprietor firm then this authorization may not be needed but in case of other kinds of companies.
Sometimes you are required to write a declaration letter to the courier company in order to ensure that contents in your parcel are of non hazardous nature as well as confirm the commercial value of the contents of the parcel.
The partnership authorization letter is a kind of legal formality that is supposed to be met in order to carry out the business operations in a smooth manner.
If you wish to stop the payment of a particular cheque for whatever reasons then you must write a letter for the same to your bank.
We often end up making mistakes and sometimes it just so happens that we have made the money transfer to a wrong bank account.
There are certain instances in which change of ownership of bank account takes place and in such a scenario, writing a Request Letter to Change Ownership of Bank Account is very important.