There are times when you donít want to avail some services and in such a scenario, if you have made any advance payments, you ask for the refunds of the same.
If you are entitled for pension then you can always write a letter to the concerned bank a letter of undertaking.
Many a times it so happens that our online transactions fail because of various reasons or we have returned certain goods for which we are entitled for a refund or debit note
If you have received letter from income department concerning your former business then you must write the letter to the department explaining the situation in a formal manner.
If you receive a request for financial assistance from a company then you must always respond to that request in a formal manner.
When someone asks for a monetary donation then one must always reply to that request and if by any chance you are planning to reject that request then writing a formal Donation Request Rejection Letter is highly recommended.
If you wish to cancel a rental contact then you need to write a formal Cancellation Letter of a Rental Contract.
The reporting compliance letter states how well a company complies or does not comply with certain regulations that apply to that particular company or business.
Whenever a payment has been made against expenses for professional reasons, employees submit the same to the employer for approval
Not every company requires to pay GST and if your company is one such case then one needs to write a letter for GST not application addressing company to which you need to inform about the same.