Tax treatment on sale from different state

Discussion in 'Mahavat' started by tanuja, Mar 8, 2014.

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    riend, we have H.O in mumbai and having several branches accross different states. We have one branch in MP which has no sales tax registration number, although our H.O is having Vat & CST registration number in Maharastra. For MP office we have procured few furniture items locally and alos transfer other furniture & fixtures from Maharastra which were bought locally in Maharastra. Recently we are planning to sale a portion of furntiure items from MP office to our client (unregistered dealer) in Bihar. In such case how could I make Sales Invoice from H.O ( Maharastra) to our client (in Bihar). As in MP we have no vat registration number so how could I generate Tax invoice for such transfer of material to our client in Bihar?? Seeking your expert opinion..

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