Refile and Refund

Discussion in 'Softwares' started by dheeraj, Mar 1, 2014.

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    Last year I have filed the ITR and it was wrongly calculated due to which extra amount has been deducted from my salary. Now I want to refile for the AY 2008-2009. Please tell me how to do that and how do I get the refund. This year I have filed the ITR correctly and the IT department has sent me a report Annual Tax Statement for A.Y.2009-10 (F.Y. 2008-09). But I am not able to see any transactions for the tax deducted by the company. How do I know that my company has deposited the tax, though they have given me the Form 16 in which they have written that tax has been deposited. The same story happened for previous year also where I cannot see the tax credit in the report sent by IT department.

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