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Discussion in 'CWA' started by tanuja, Jan 28, 2014.

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    In april-09 i have sent apllication for ICWA foundation postal coaching.I have sent all the requsities like DD, and all other certificates.Am sure i have filled the application very carefully.As it would be comfortable for sending form-112 to ICAI, i have opted for poatal coaching since coaching classes are cumpolsory for CWA. But still now i didn receieve any communication regardnig that application from ICWAI.One of my frns who sent the application along withe mine has receieved the books and test papers in september. I dont remember my DD No. to consult the bank and check whether the dd has been encashed or not.Now i cant help it anyway. I planned to complete ICWA concurrently with CA, but bcoz of this am not elgible to write CWA foundation in DEC-09. Now what should i do? Should i still wait for sumding from ICWAI? I cant communicate with them as i don rem DD No or application number. Should i wait or send a fresh application taking a new DD? How can conveince myself that i would receieve the books if i send a new application? To what extent i should blame that institute?? Pls suggest me as it plays a major role of my future plans..........

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