Opportunities with or in SAP-ERP

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    SAP-ERP consultants :- People who participated in implementation of SAP-ERP in the company are called SAP Technical and Functional consultants and people who resolve issues or tickets (supporting problems) after implementation of SAP-ERP are called SAP Technical and Functional consultants. So SAP consultants are participated in implementation and resolves the Issues arise after implementation. • SAP-ERP core team members :- People who having domain experience (finance,taxation,sales,purchases,etc.) , knowledge of SAP-ERP and associate with SAP consultants at the time of implementation are called SAP core team members. • SAP end users :- People who responsible for posting of day to day activities like posting of invoices, creation of master records(Customermaster) and generating of Reports in companies(in which SAP-ERP is implemented) are called SAP end users

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