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    I am running a Private Limited Consulting Company. I have some new ideas that i wanted to include in this business. 1. Information Technology Training & Consulting 2. B2B Marketing and advisory services through Information Technology. The existing main objects of which the company is established were given below: (A) The main objects to be pursued by the company on its incorporation are: 1. To carry on the business of providing consulting, advisory, implementation and support services in the field of business operation, IT planning, development and management including (Software and Hardware) and project management for all industries in India and out side India. 2. To carry on the business of Manpower consultancy in India and abroad, to provide training to the above Manpower to make them suitable to be employed in the IT sector, and to do other related services subject to the law of the land in force. 3. To provide staffing solutions to industries in the information technology, Banking Insurance, Finance and other service sectors both in India and abroad. Pl let me know if i can run the above listed ideas with the existing objectives itself or i need to amend the existing objectives. If you can detail me with the steps and how to take it forward, that would be grateful at this time.

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