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Discussion in 'Bcom' started by Madhu, Feb 26, 2014.

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    I know this question has been asked over and over again. But even after reading all the answers I'm quite confused. This is my situation. i request you to please suggest a solution. 1.I just gave my board exam in March 2009 and secured a decent 96.3%. 2.I'm appearing for CPT in June 2009 and I know that I'll make it through. Its the old B.Com vs Articleship thing. I am willing to work out of my skin for the next three years. I want to pursue regular college from SRCC and CA together(Ive been dreaming of doing them together since class 10 before this new regulation came out. The 3 year course is fabulous but it interferes with college). 3.Ok and I don't want to give up articleship as well as I'm not one who cn study from books alone. I DONT WANT A DUMMY as its useless and disgraceful. 4.The good thing though is that My bro and dad are both CAs and have a well established firm which is walking distance from my home. My bro has done articleship from KPMG and feels I should register under him and by way of some good time management should manage both. Work after college timings, On saturdays, sundays, take leave from college when we do big clients(75% attendnce in SRCC needed), impress professors so they don't mark me absent etc. He feels if everything goes as per plan I should be a Bcom(from SRCC. Not correspondence. this new rule makes me cry) A CA with some good practical knowledge. Now I'm not shying away from hard work but just want to confirm whether this is possible? Is there no regulation blocking this? Do I need to fill some form.(form112 something). Another thing is that I've read a lot about the course on Icai. It says that to be eligible for PCC we need to complete 15 months of articleship. But many people here are saying u register for aship after 1st group of PCC. Please advice. I thank you for sparing your valuable time for reading my loooong question. Cheers :)

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