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    Rakesh is a young business man. He has graduated from one of the reputed engineering colleges in India and started a Retail Gold Plated Jewel and Antique Business in 2002 together with one of his childhood friends. Over a period of time, their business got established across India and now they have 100+ stores and 250+ employees. Since his workforce is scattered across the country, monitoring performance, handling employee issues etc. with a personal touch and processing attendance and salary was a big time headache for the management team. Every month, more than 50 complaints were received regarding non-payment of salary, late salary, unattended disciplinary issues and Rakesh fears that this will end up in employee dissatisfaction, end of the day. One of his friends associated with a MNC IT firm suggested him to go for Enterprise software but the price was not affordable. Since they are running a business with low margin, Rakesh was not in a position to think about investing large sum of money towards IT infrastructure and software and above all technical staffing. He almost abandoned the idea of automation until he read about SAAS in a blog. The idea of ‘pay per use’ and ‘pay till use’ were very much attractive for him and decided to go for a trial for 1 month. The results were amazing. No technical worries over maintaining the software and data back up. To enable e-commerce Rakesh has already subscribed for broadband internet across shops and he is utilizing the same connection for accessing software too. Every month he is paying Rs.10000 for maintaining Basic Employee Information and managing Employee Leave, Employee Grievance Tickets, Payroll Process, and IT Calculations and for generating Salary Statements, PF/ESI statements and returns, HR reports etc. Above all Rakesh has enabled Employee Self Service across the company (think about employee located in Shillong sending an instant request to HR in Corporate office, Chennai). It is a good deal for Rakesh because he has not invested any thing towards IT infrastructure and in case finding the software as useless he can dump it. Now when his Admin/Facilities Manager/s go on leave during salary week, his stress level will not go up because no need to dig files from store room and the age of 'information hunt like treasure hunt ' is over, everything is at one mouse click away. This is the magic of software as a service (SAAS) - making intelligent solutions affordable for all.

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