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Discussion in 'Forms' started by mandira, Feb 17, 2014.

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    I have the following questions. Can anyone help me please. 1. The table in the last page of MOA and AOA that specifies the number of shares each of the members would be buying needs their signatures and that of the witness, right? 2. Can we upload the PDF copies of the MOA and AOA with Form 1? If so, when does the first members and the witness sign? 3. The Help files (of eFiling for Form 1) says there is no need to submit physical copies to the local ROC, if all payments (MCA Fees and Stamp Duty) are made electronically, is that correct? 4. I will be the Applicant of all the Forms, and I will be signing the same with my DSC registered with MCA. However, since each Form is to be 'CERTIFIED', does it mean the person who will be doing this CERTIFICATION should also have his/her DSC? 5. Is it mandatory that DSC of CA (or who is certifing) has to be also registered with MCA? If not then how MCA verifies such DSC?

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