Froge directors in company

Discussion in 'MCA' started by naina, Mar 6, 2014.

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    In 2004, there were 3 directors in my company. 2 of them resigned from the post of directors. new director was appointed on same day. Form 32 was filed to ROC intimating appointment of new director and resignation of 2 directors. Now after almost 8 years these 2 directors, who resigned in 2004, filed DIN-3 on their own. They are showing as directors of my company. when i contacted ROC they are saying they do not have Form-32 of their resignation. But I have payment receipt and copy of form-32 submitted to ROC. Can I file fresh form-32 to ROC intimating their resignations. Advice me what actions do I need to take to remove them as directors of my company.

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