Freight treatment in sales invoice in maharashtra

Discussion in 'A/c entries' started by Gimi, Mar 26, 2014.

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    I have query as : My client is selling 20 litres bislery water bottle to the consumer and raiised sales bill as Rs.100/- net amount and vat Rs.12.50 on Rs.100/- and then add Rs.50/- as freight/delivery charges on which my client is not taking vat. 1) So is it required to take vat on delivery charges ? 2) If my client will give seperately debit note with the same above mentioned bill for delivery charges then is it okay ? OR my client has to make separate invoice for Rs.112.50 (100+12.50) and Rs50/- debit note seperately giving refernce number of sales bill. Now, what is the best way ? as per audit and accounting standard and it is acceptable way.

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