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    the central excise exemption available for the clearances made to delhi metro under notification no.6/2006-ce as amended by notification no.49/2006-ce was superceded by notification no.12/2012-ce dated 17.03.2012. in the latest one, the sl.no.333 has only part with condition no.3 and the total no. of conditons available was 47. this is very much available even today in all websites except cbec.gov.in 02. . in cbec in the said notification, sl.no.333 has two parts, wtih part ii, having condition no.48, pertaining to exemption to delhi metro. it is notdear members, the exemption clearances available under ce notification 6/2006-ce as amended by 49/2006, was not available in the superced notification no.12/2012-ce dated at the time of issue, the sl.no.333 has only one part with condition no.3 and the last condition was available was sl.no.47. this is available in all websites till today, except cbec website. clear when it was amended and the amended reference is not available. 03. can any of our learned members clarify as to whether central excise exemption for the clearances made to delhi metro as available in the erstwhile notification is still available under the present notification, or any thing else. 04. please find relevant screen shots for ready reference, thank you arsb

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