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    Can anybody tell me the exact source of law i.e notification, circular etc.by which requirement of filing of DIN-3 for the companies incorporated on or after 01-07-2007 or director appointed on or after the said date, has been waived off. The question comes on the basis of the following point: Din Rules have been published on 19-10- 2006 and were amended vide notification published on 09-01-2007 and afterward on 31-03-2007, so as to extend the time limit from 31st December to 31st March and 30th June respectively. Since then no notifiaction in this regard has been published. How ever the requirment has been waived off through a pop up window which was used to be opened in the month of June 2007. I just want to know the the source from which the Ministery derived this power to waive off the reqirment of Section 266E The contention is because the pop up is not available right now and we have no evidence to proov ourself in case of future litigation.

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