Corporate social responsibility (csr) applicability

Discussion in 'Co bill 2008' started by Surendra, Mar 12, 2014.

  1. Surendra

    Surendra Member

    Please advise the meaning of 'any financial year' with respect to Section 135 (CSR) of Companies Act, 2013. Of which financial year the figures of Net Profit/ Turnover/ Net worth will be considered for determining the eligibility of this Section.
  2. Mayur Sheth

    Mayur Sheth New Member

    In my view it should be any financial year during last 3 financial years. Reason in CSR rules it is clarified that the CSR norms will not apply to any company which does not satisfy 135(1) thresholds based on turnover / net profit / net worth for three consecutive financial years.

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