Conversion of cr/dr to -/+ in export to excel

Discussion in 'Tally' started by Ca Danny, Jan 17, 2014.

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    how to convert Dr/Cr to + / - , during tally data export to excel
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    User can also try this free XLTOOL Excel to Tally software. The basic version of this software is Free.
    Its convert excel data into XML format and then import into tally.

    Features of EXCEL TO TALLY Software :
    Fully Automated Software Utility.
    Multi Users (LAN Network) Utility.
    Import BULK data from Microsoft Office Excel to Tally.
    Automatic and Easy Generator XML file from Excel sheet format database.
    Import Multiple / Multi Ledgers Debit / Credit Vouchers Entry.
    Import Receipt, Payment, Contra, Journal, Purchase, Sales and MVAT Vouchers. Import Masters Ledgers with Alias, Group, Address and more fields.

    Link - |

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