Conditions on retention bonus

Discussion in 'Corporate Law' started by bhargav, Sep 3, 2013.

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    Hello Team, I am working in BPO industry and company pays us Retention Bonus quarterly. As the name suggests it is given to employees to retain them to avoid attrition however our company is putting so many conditions on this e.g. specified Production Hours completion, Limited leaves in a month etc to avail Retention. My question is to know that as per the nature of Retention Bonus, Can any company put such conditions to avail Retention Bonus? As per my little understanding, conditions can be put for achieving Incentives not Bonuses especially when it is Retention. The only condition to avail the retention is that employee should be on active roll (not even on intimation period) of the company on the due date of retention payment. Please somebody put some light on this with some technical knowledge as per Government.

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