Cma final / articles query !

Discussion in 'CWA' started by raj, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. raj

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    Im thinking to go for CMA Final coaching to clear it completely by 2015 June ! the problem is about CMA articles ! Im thinking to take dummy articles. but if i clear final by 2015 june, my articles period will be still left by 1.5yrs and can i join in any job without completing articles? another option is to join in any organisation for 6 mnths and then appear for final exams & after completing final continue my work to complete 3 yrs ( which is mandatory if not articles ) im totally confused here ! what should I do here? is there any other option? im planning for CIMA after CMA ! the MAIN thing is I want to complete CMA final as soon as possible ! please guide me !

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