Cfa - should i do it or not ?

Discussion in 'CWA' started by Madhu, Mar 22, 2014.

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    I have cleared my CA in Nov 2012 and presently working as a credit manager in a private bank. I was always interested in finance, whenever I do any credit appraisal and any of my clients asks me for any suggestion on which loan should he go for or what is the opportunity gain on taking a loan, I would design the borrowing options, use the time value of money, compounding of money, etc. to advice him on which loan should he go for and from which bank he should borrow. That time I realise that I am tailored for finance and not for this field. Decision making, investment decisions, etc. these excites me. But I am confused whether i should opt for CFA and start pursuing CFA, what will be my growth after L1, L2 and after completing the CFA. Should I switch my job right now or wait till I clear my examination (as I feel these days clearing the examination and having the certificate would strengthen the employers' confidence). Where will I see myself at the age of 28 (now I am 23). I have thought of Actuaries, but due to the lack of opportunities in Indian market and as it is totally a new and tough course, I have dropped that option. Friends, kindly give your valuable advice for the above and any other options that can be considered.

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